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WATCH: Man sets up fake Chewbacca roar contest to get revenge on ex

27 July 2020 7:16AM

This man needs his sodium levels checked.

A cheating ex-boyfriend has played a strange but cruel prank on his former misso, asking people to call her up and give their best Chewbacca roar for a shot at a quick hundred bucks.

Posters were put up throughout the Australian city of Cairns after Jessica's 3-year relationship came to an end - and soon enough the poor girl was receiving calls and messages of Chewbacca roars at all hours of the day.

"I'm getting phone calls at really strange hours of the night – about one and four o'clock," she said in an interview with 9News.

"I thought it was quite funny actually, a good joke."

To her credit - apart from having to block a few keen callers - Jessica took the prank in her stride, simply asking callers to pull the poster down if they came across it again.

To have the final jab at her ex, she even offered her hand in marriage to the person with the best Chewie impersonation.

"If there's anyone out there that can do the real Chewbacca sound, I might marry you," she said.