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Young Hamilton fella is selling a bag of "COVID free air" on TradeMe, and it's over $100,000 already

The cheeky little smartarse.
17 August 2020 7:10AM

The cheeky little smartarse....

A young Hamilton bloke is selling a bag of "COVID free air" on TradeMe, and the auction's already up to over $100,000.

Damn. We're not even angry - that's impressive.

A "Covid free bag of air" has hit $101,000 on Trade Me.

On Sunday, the bag had a total of 101 bids, with 2812 people adding the bag to their watchlist.

In the product description, the Hamilton seller says they got a COVID-19 test after the "shock" news of level 2 lockdown.

"After testing negative, I figured I'd share my gift of Covid free air with the world," the lister says.

The listing has over 350 questions from potential buyers, including some questioning the legitimacy of the listing and others just poking fun.Some asked whether the bag is gluten-free and vegan, and another thanked the lister for making them laugh for the "whole day".

Another said: "Best laugh I've had in a very long time - has made this year that much better. All the best with the auction mate!"

Others suggested the profits raised should go to charity.

The lister replied that if the top bidder is serious, "100% of the proceeds will go to a charity that helps the areas affected most by COVID-19."

If the top bidder is not serious, the auction will be deleted, the seller says.

"It's just a good laugh at the end of the day."

Trade Me acting Head of Trust & Safety Logan Mudge told TVNZ that while they'd received some complaints about the listing, a lot of Kiwi's are enjoying the tongue-in-cheek nature of it.

"Obviously the change in alert levels is serious and concerning but we also like to see Kiwis having a bit of a laugh and finding some humour in the situation too," he says.

The auction closes on Wednesday.