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Mad Butcher "baffled" by fake advertisement on PornHub

"She really loves her meat!"
3 September 2020 2:52PM

The Mad Butcher has distanced itself from a comment on Pornhub advertising its products, saying it's real prices are far more reasonable than the fake advert suggests. 

A screenshot posted on social media showed the comment on a pornographic video from someone with the username "MadButcherNZ".

"That's why this week we're offering fresh tegal chicken breast at only $9.99 a kilo!"

Mad Butcher chief executive Michael Morton told Newshub that his company had "nothing to do" with the comment.

"With social media platforms today these types of posts can be done quite easily and you have no control over them and what is posted," Morton said on Thursday.

"The large majority of people will know Mad Butcher would not revert to a porn site to advertise plus our special price for chicken breasts is well under $9.99kg," he said.

If the Mad Butcher did decide to advertise to a more adult audience, it could see some engagement. Data from Pornhub in 2019 showed New Zealanders spend more time on Pornhub than most of the world - an average of 10 minutes and 30 seconds, which is 30 seconds longer than the rest of the world.

New Zealand also ranks 27th for most visits to the porn site - despite being 125th for population

- Newshub