WATCH: Weezer and Fall Out Boy go head to head on 'Celebrity Family Feud'

Watch the highlights here.
24 September 2020 10:58AM

Weezer and Fall Out Boy have recently gone head to head on the TV show Celebrity Family Feud.

The epiosde aired in the US on Sunday, but highlights of the episode were shared to YouTube earlier this week for the alt-rock band's fans to watch.

Both bands had to bring on another member to make a team of five - Weezer picked engineer and producer Suzy Shinn, and Fall Out Boy went with comedian and actor Seth green.

The alt-rockers appeared on the show to raise funds for elected charities. Weezer chose Reverb to raise money for youth music programs, while Fall Out Boy raised funds for their own charity, The Fall Out Boy Fund, which raises money for food, education, gardening and more. 

Take a look at the highlights of the show below.