Woman has 1.2 metre-long snake pulled out of her mouth in a terrifying viral video

The snake slithered into her mouth while she was asleep.
2 September 2020 1:24PM

A video of a woman in Russia getting a 1.2 meter long snaked pulled out of her mouth is circling the interenet - and it's pretty terrifying.

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The woman started to feel unwell and went to hospital, where the doctors put her under general anaesthesia when they realised there was something inside of her stomach.

In the video above, you can see the footage of the medical staff pulling the snake out - it's unknown if the snake was dead or alive at the time.

This all occured as the woman had fallen asleep in her backyard earlier that day, and the snake must've slithered inside her mouth then.

From this story, I think we can all agree that two words come to mind.

F**k. That.