The Pretty Reckless release cover of Soundgarden's "Loud Love"

Not a bad effort actually.
10 November 2020 2:04PM

Remember The Pretty Reckless?

Unless you're a major fan of the band, you probably don't remember them after their 2010 hit, Make Me Wanna Die.

Well, get ready for some Pretty Reckless headlines in your 2020 news feeds, cause the band have recently covered Soundgarden's 1989 tune "Loud Love", and done a pretty darn good job of it too.

Lead singer Taylor Momsen's vocals are pretty at home for this cover, and garnering pretty good praise from commentators on the net (which usually is not the case). Agreed, no one can match Chris Cornell's voice or even attempt to replicate his scream, but this is not a bad effort from the band.

Give it a listen above, and compare it to the original below.