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WATCH: Self-Driving race car crashes off the line in it's first ever live showcase

Didn't even make it past the start line!
2 November 2020 11:02AM

Talk about a huge F*&%k Up.

The first live broadcast of Roborace at Thruxton Circuit in Andover, UK ended with one of the Teams self-driving race car instantly shitting itself straight into a concrete wall.

Four of the six teams that took part in the race failed to finish the three-lap competition, and another car had a significant accident.

The cause of the crash has been attributed to a malfunction during the course’s installation into the machine. The vehicle essentially copies a drive a human has completed previously, but it seems in this instance the data was transferred incorrectly.

Kiwi race driver and current V8 supercars champion Scott McLaughlin had his say on the incident as well and he seemed pretty chuffed with the incident