Bloke eats 100 Zinger boxes in 100 days to raise money for men's mental health

Unreal stuff

Aussie tradie and dead set legend Seamus Murphy has finally completed a mission he set out on a little over three months ago, successfully eating 100 KFC Zinger boxes in 100 days.

Known on Instagram and TikTok as zingerbox.sham, Zing King Murphy documented his journey every day - religiously binning a Zinger burger, three wicked wings, chips, potato and gravy and a drink, while still following a keto diet when he isn't zinging on.

He's racked up close to 25,000 followers on TikTok and almost 500,000 likes.

Thankfully there was some substance to his fast food binge, as the carpenter kicked off the challenge to raise awareness and money for Movember.

Murphy told 7News last month "It started off as a couple of Zingers. I did it on Snapchat, just with my mates."

"I did one on Instagram and then a couple of friends were like, 'You've got to get it in Tiktok'.

"But it's taken off a little bit - a bit more than I expected, but that's alright.

Murphy added that the cause was very close to him, having lost friends who struggled with mental health.

"It's really important to let blokes know there is support," he said. "I thought it's really important to let blokes know there is support out there. It could be one bloke who sends one message which could really help.

"You can come to your mates. They won't think less of you. If you do come forward with these issues, people will respect you more.

"They sort of as see you as a closer friend, if you talk about these things."

Zing on, bloke.