Funny Shit

Man who married sex doll 'cheats' on her with another object while she gets repaired

He couldn't help himself while his sex doll wife is in 'hospital'.
12 January 2021 3:24PM

After reading the headline you may be thinking, how the f**k is this news?

We're really not sure, but we're entertained by it.

Apparently the happy couple met at a bar after another man hit on 'Margo' the doll and Yuri stepped in to protect her.

A few days ago, Yuri posted a video to Instagram showing him stroking some sort of studded silver object while making weird noises. 

One person commented, "Hey... Are you cheating on your wife?"

Yuri replied, "Maybe. I can't stand while she's in hospital.'

Yep, Margo his sex doll wife is currently getting repaired in 'hospital'. Would hate to know how she got broken... 

Yuri told Daily Star:

Watch the strange video below if you want, but be warned, it's preeeettty disturbing.