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WATCH: Woman goes viral after house cameras catch her bizarre sleep walking

"It's like a moose knuckle" 不
26 January 2021 12:44PM

A woman has gone viral by sharing footage of what she gets up to when she sleep walks, after her husband set up cameras around their home.

Celina, known as 'Celinaspookyboo' on Tik Tok, has racked up millions of views on the platform after sharing multiple videos of her night time sleep walk adventures. 

Her favourite video, which has over 35 million views, shows Celina walking around her kitchen muttering to herself, excitedly grabbing drinks and then heading outside to throw the drinks on the lawn. 

Celina doesn't remember sleep walking, but says she remembers dreaming about a pool party.

The video finishes with an excited "yeah" - her pool party must've gone well.

Watch the video up top.