Seth Rogen has started his own weed company

The actor has been wanting to have a weed company for ten years.

It's no secret that Seth Rogen loves the devil's lettuce, but now he's taking things to the next level by launching his own marijuana company - Houseplant.

The actor announced the news on Instagram yesterday, sharing a video of himself to his 8.5 million followers, with the caption:

He also mentioned that 'housegoods' such as ashtrays, lighters, lamps and ceramics will be available also. (Last year Rogen admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that during lockdown he's been smoking an 'ungodly amount of weed' and spending a lot of time doing pottery.)

We should also probably disclaim that Rogen lives in California where weed is legal, and unfortunately Houseplant will only ship throughout the US. 

If you wanna keep up with the company, you can follow them here