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TikTok users are tricking family and friends by playing Pornhub's music to see if they recognise the sound

Wouldn't know what it sounds like tbh
3 March 2021 7:34AM

Now this is a TikTok trend we can get behind.

TikTokers are tricking their friends and family by playing a snippet of Pornhub's signature music and seeing whether they recognise the song, whilst capturing their reaction on video.

It's mainly used by older siblings to catch out if their younger siblings know the sound - but some parents and partners have been caught in the crossfire too.

The audio - titled 'hey lol' created by user @kheleel - plays the Pornhub music before switching to Redbone by Childish Gambino.

Watch the montage up top to see some (or give it a go yourself).

Now, we now what you're thinking (because we're thinking the same thing) - the Pornhub music, what's that? What is a Pornhub?

No idea mate. Never visited, don't know what you're talking about 🙄