WATCH: Jazz drummer hears 'Enter Sandman' for the first time then nails it on drums

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3 March 2021 4:26PM

Jazz drummer Larnell Lewis heard Metallica's 1991 track 'Enter Sandman' for the first time ever, then absolutely crushed on his drums just minutes later.

The YouTube video posted by Drumeo writes:

“The last time Larnell Lewis came out to Drumeo, we challenged him to write a drum part – on the spot – to a song he’d never heard before and he blew everyone away. This time, Larnell wanted to try a style he’s not known for playing: metal!”

The 18 minute video shows Lewis actively listening to the song to figure out how to play it, before absolutely nailing the performance.

The whole video is worth the watch, but if you wanna skip to the performance, go to 9 mins and 33 seconds.

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