People are now eating raw, rotten meat trying to get high
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Funny Shit

People are now eating raw, rotten meat trying to get high

I think I just thew up in my mouth a lot

We thought we left this crook shit in 2020, but 2021, if you're bringing this noise too, you can f**k right off too.

A new trend has popped up online of people posting videos of themselves eating raw and rotten meat in an attempt to get high. Pretty much, chowing down on meat that's been left to rot and decompose for weeks/months/even years.

We're talking meat that's been left out for so long, a layer of bacteria on the surface and a completely different colour. It's called  "high meat". Uhhhhh, no thanks.

This Twitter user shared their experience of eating completely rotten beef, claiming "it felt actually great" and they were"not at all" sick from it.

The first obvious question - why?

I Fucking Love Science explains that the reason this has been called "high meat" is due to a reported feeling of euphoria that comes along with eating the decomposed meat – it's hard to tell whether that is from an unknown mechanism, or just dehydration and delirium after all the stomach upsets. Some even claim to prefer the taste, which is often described as cheesy and more acidic than your average steak, while others just report feeling good as a result of the diet. 

The next question - is it bad for you?

We're no scientists, but we can safely guess a resounding YES is the answer. There is a difference between uncooked meat, fermented meat (which is a controlled process) and rotten meat. More from IFLS:

The human body is not designed to break down nasty bacteria lurking in (rotten) foods, so while some may claim it is ok, many others may not fare the same. So definitely do not give this a nudge, alright?