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Aussie tradie crashes into a power pole, then sits on side of road with KFC and beer

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17 June 2021 1:55PM

An Aussie tradie has been praised by many online after he was caught tucking into his KFC moments after crashing into a power pole. 

The bloke was exiting a KFC drive-thru in Adelaide when he lost control of his Holden Captiva, causing him to crash into a stobie pole, 7News reports. 

The accident led to road closures and traffic chaos for several hours, and power was cut to homes and businesses nearby.

While the tradie waited for emergency services, he popped inside to grab a beer and sat on the side of the road with his finger lickin' good lunch and cold drink. 

When Channel 7 broadcast the story, people took to social media to praise the bloke for having his priorities in order. 

One person commented, "Knocked down power lines, caused traffic chaos and caused a mass power outage, lucky to not hurt anyone. Did somebody say KFC?"

While another wrote, "That's a KFC advert you can't beat. Hope he gets a free bucket at least for this."

Check out the video below.