F**ked off farmer flips out and flips car blocking his gate with his tractor

Honestly though, how much have you wanted to do something like this all the time?
8 June 2021 9:07AM

Nothing like a bit of rural justice.

One pissed-off farmer has gone viral from a video of him flipping a bloke's car with his tractor because it was blocking his gate.

The footage was shared on Snapchat with the caption, "Glad it was just me courtesy car", which shows the farmer ram and flip the silver car onto it's side, then shoving and dumping it down the road.

A topless man, who we are guessing is the driver, can also be seen angrily kicking the tractor. The bloke even gets hit by the tractor as it turns around after the car's been shoved aside.

The incident took place in Durham, England and police are now investigating.

Apparently, shirtless bloke parked his car on the farmer's drive and when asked to move it, they didn't.

To be honest - fair enough. We're not saying this was the best thing to do, but bloody hell we can understand the anger and frustration he must have felt. And you know it must have been so satisfying to do (in the moment, of course).