WATCH: Unearthed clip of Eddie Van Halen playing 'Amsterdam' years before its release

Watch the rare video here.
9 June 2021 3:26PM

A previously-never-seen-before clip has just emerged of Eddie Van Halen playing 'Amsterdam' a decade before its release. 

The video, which you can watch up top, was filmed in the mid-80s at Eddie's home studio 5150. The final version of the song was released as a single in 1995, and included lyrics written by Sammy Hagar.

The video was posted to YouTube only a couple of days ago by an account named 'Van Halen Brasil'. We've got no idea how they got their hands on it, but we're just happy to see some raw footage of Eddie at 5150. 

That's not the only unearthed video to emerge online recently. A video from 40 years ago of Van Halen performing in front of huge dinosaur statues has also been uploaded to YouTube. 

It was filmed when the band were touring Europe for their fourth LP Fair Warning, and sees David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Eddie and Alex Van Halen performing to their song 'So This is Love' at a Jurassic Park in Italy.

“These videos aired on Italian state television, RAI 1, during a TV show called Happy Circus,” the YouTube caption explains, adding that the “Van Halen Italia Fan Club” were the ones behind uncovering the long lost footage.

Check it out below.