A flying car successfully completes 35-minute flight between two airports


We are living in the future.

Remember when you were a kid, the first thing you thought that would be everywhere in the future was flying cars? Well the bloke writing this article sure as hell did, and it's blowing my mind seeing one actually flying in real life. 

Here's the scoop. The AirCar (not Apple related), a dual-mode car-aircraft vehicle, completed it's first ever inter-city travel earlier this week, completing a 35-minute flight from the international airport in Nitra to the international airport in Bratislava.

If that above paragraph didn't explain it well or impress you much, just watch the video up top. It's a flying. friggin. car.

The creator of the AirCar, Professor Stefan Klein of Klein Vision, has spent more than 30 years developing this bad boy - he must be chuffed to see his baby up in the sky and the hard work's paying off.

Here's some more deets about the AirCar and it's 35-minute flight:

Pretty fucking cool ay.