Rock Recommends: The Morning Rumble's suggestions to get you through lockdown

Have a read of The Rumble's lockdown suggestions.
3 September 2021 5:19PM

Whether you're in level 3 or level 4, we can all agree that for the most part, lockdown sucks.

Rog, Bryce, Mulls and Mel from The Morning Rumble have put together a list of shit they've been doing to keep themselves entertained.

We bring you... Rock Recommends. Have a wee read, and hopefully you find something useful. 

I gave TikTok a bash last lockdown and took to it like a duck to water.

My first one was massive banging out some dance moves to the The Weekends 'Blinding Lights' (watch below) so I thought I'd give it another go last week and gee did I break the internet!

I'd recommend doing these, they're pretty easy and you don't even need to be a dancer like me... just copy someone else's dance moves ...and watch the hits and likes roll in ...

I was actually stopped on a lockdown walk recently by a fan in his ute wanting to know when my next one will be ... well watch this space, all I can say is sometimes the second one doesnt have the impact so you have to pick your time ..but fuck I've got a lot of that at the moment.

ROK Rog on TikTok 1080x1350 FB
ROK Rog on TikTok 1080x1350 FB
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After clocking Netflix in lockdown pretty much I've come to the conclusion that most of the movies are exactly the same but with different lead actors... or the same lead  actor in numerous movies that are also exactly the same... How many Gerard Butler movies are there on Netflix! It's fucking ridiculous!

But I tell you the other night I stumbled upon La Bamba and holy heck was that a treat.

Starring a young Michael Baker from the MediaWorks Digital Dept or as you may know him in hollywood Lou Diamond Phillips La Bamba tells the tale of the quick rise of singer Ritche Valens who was massive in the 50s thanks to his hits La Bamba, Donna and Lets Go.


I guarantee you'll love this movie apart from the end when he dies in a plane crash! 

Also I watched E.T last weekend which was on Prime.. if you want to know where the creators of Stranger Things stole all their ideas from.. watch E.T .. it's so blatant they should be sued.

Unlike La Bamba, E.T doesnt die in the end but is rescued by his Alien mates in a spaceship that looks a bit like an air fryer. Sorry also to spoil the end of this movie as well.

Lockdown for the most part sucks & Cabin fever is real. I know it well with a toddler & pregnant wife, who’s nailing it.

Buttttt, a few things I recommend might seem over said & simple but shit they work. 

1) Remember to actually breathe- it’s amazing what 5-10 deep breaths will do to calm ya & just reset.

2) Exercise - it’s good as hell for your brain, even smaller ones like mine.

3) Just take a time each day to realise what you have that’s good, what you’re thankful of, it can be a good way to realise not everything is completely fucked like it may sometimes seem with all the doom and gloom shit that punches us seemingly all the time. Like for me, it’s my boy, my dog, my health, my job, my vinyls & of course my baby to be & baby mumma .

4) Listen to albums with your headphones on start to finish, it’s a lost art form most but getting lost in a killer album you’ve forgotten about is a great use of your time. 

5) Try spending less time on your phone, I’m shit at this, I look at mine way too much so need to take my own advice, but it’s way better for ya brain. Lastly, be good to yaself you bloody champion.

It will come as no surprise that the slow cooker has been getting punished at my house. My beef cheek Ragu is a winner and so is my chicken soup.

Hit me up on insta if you want the recipes I’ve taken from much more talented cooks than me.

Also binge watching Neon TV.

I wish I could tell you I'm doing some exciting things in lockdown...but I'm currently living my life vicariously through 'Love Island' & 'Why Women Kill'.

And of course we all recommend that you listen to The Rock 2000 Countdown! Listen weekdays from 8am.

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