Salad Fingers is back with a brand new 3 minute episode
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Funny Shit

Salad Fingers is back with a brand new 3 minute episode

You'll either love this, or hate it so much. Or both.

You'll either feel mad nolstagia and love watching, or think WTF is this creepy as shit you've made us watch?

Or likely, both.

Salad Fingers took the internet by storm in the early 2000s, an animated web series created by David Firth that became a cult classic.

The cartoon follows a creepy little fella called 'Salad Fingers' - a green bodied thing with bulging eyes, long slender fingers and a hella weird voice - and debuted in 2004 with an episode called 'Spoons'.

Here it is below if you want to refresh your memory (or watch it for the first time).

Yep - the video is of Salad Fingers just declaring his love for touching rusty things, like spoons.

All in all, 11 episodes were released (just YouTube them if you want), but creator David Firth has just released a short throwback style 3 minute episode, which follows Salad Fingers running a market stall.

"Salad Fingers runs his own market stall but has some issues with the locals," the YouTube bio reads.

Firth says this is not the 12th episode, just a one-off special for the fans.