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Weird Al Yankovic destroys Kid Rock's new music video

The internet is having a field day with this video.

His name is.....

You probably didn't know this unless you keep up with everything Kid Rock, but the 50-year-old Detroit frontman released a music video for his new song, "Don't Tell Me How To Live".

Released four days ago, the redneck anthem slams woke-ness and cancel culture, where he calls out "snowflakes" and adds a "nation of pussies is our next generation.”

It's very not-good. Have a watch.

Wowee. That's some USA 2021 shit right there.

How has the majority of the internet reacted to it? Well, not good. Comments across YouTube, Reddit, Facebook - pretty much all social media platforms - has seen punters rip the song and video to shreds for being cringe, embarrassing, and just downright awful.

And now the infamous Weird Al Yankovic, a man best known for his excellent parodies of the most popular songs in the world, has entered the "man this song sucks ass" chat.

In a tweet that has since amassed 23k retweets and 180k likes, the parody singer took a moment to address Kid Rock's new vid and to clear the air with anyone confused.

That's some good quality roasting and trolling by Al there. How good.