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Teacher "accidentally" recorded herself farting and posted it as a question in online test

'Accidentally' yeah, sure....
28 January 2022 11:29AM

"Accidentally" - yeah, sure...

A teacher has made a real tit of themselves to not only her class but the whole internet, after appearing to accidentally record herself farting - and then uploading it as a test question for her students online.

Student Mia Moore uploaded the below video to her Instagram Story, explaining how the teacher made the error on the homework platform.

"Okay so, I'm in this French class and there's this learning tool that we have where there's the audio of the question, then we respond with typing.

"Usually the questions will be, like, three seconds long and then you would type in your response. So what's interesting about this one is, this one is two minutes and 13 seconds and its all silence, until this part".

Check it out below.

Now, the sound could be anything - like it could've been just her computer making a sound. But that doesn't make a funny yarn, so let's just choose to believe this it is a fart and this was all an elaborate test to make sure her students were paying attention.