WATCH: Bloke fights off a bear to protect his dogs

Watch the moment here.
27 January 2022 11:52AM

A maddog from Florida fought off a bear with his own hands to protect his dogs.

Earlier this week, a full-grown black bear charged into Walter Hickox' porch and attempted to attack his small weiner dogs... and he caught it all on doorbell video.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, when the bear started to break in, Hickox just assumed it was another dog.

The FWC, who originally posted the video, said:

"Thinking the animal was another dog and not a bear, the man moved towards it to protect his dogs and the bear reacted.

"The man was able to get the bear to leave by making loud noises and quickly moving a bench in front of his porch door.

"Luckily the man’s injuries were not life-threatening and his dogs were not injured."

Watch the video below.