WATCH: Foo Fighters drop official trailer for upcoming horror-comedy film 'Studio 666'

Check out the official trailer here.
12 January 2022 12:20PM

Foo Fighters have finally dropped the official trailer for their upcoming horror-comedy film, 'Studio 666' - and it looks pretty f**king epic.

We first heard about the full-length feature film in November last year, and following its announcement they released a 40-second-tease-trailer which gave us our first look at the film.

The two mintue trailer that just dropped reveals more of the storyline, which follows a fictional take on the band as they record their 10th album Medicine at Midnight at the haunted Encino mansion. Once the band arrive at the mansion, they battle with supernatural forces that threaten the completion of the album, and their lives.

And that's pretty much all we know about the plot as Dave Grohl has been keeping the finer plot details to himself.

Speaking to Mojo, Grohl said:

"The singer went nuts and murdered his whole band over creative differences. There's no other band stupid enough to do this. It's absolutely insane. … A couple of scenes, they're so f**king epic, dude."

He continued,

Studio 666 is set to release in America on February 25th, with the international release date set to be announced soon.

Check out the trailer up top.