WATCH: Horrific moment powerlifter snaps her arm lifting 167Kg

That's gotta hurt.
26 January 2022 11:54AM

That's gotta hurt.

Footage has re-emerged of 35-year-old powerlifter Robyn Machado snapping her arm as she attempts to lift a 167KG weight.

Watch the video below:

The injury she caused herself was a broken radius bone which needed a plate and eight screws.

People were quick to comment Machado was clearly "too weak" and "stupid" to attempt the set, but she responded with a video showing her squatting heavier weights on multiple occasions. She even provided proof that she's squatted more with a high bar post-injury.

In the video, she's at a competition that actually occured back in March 2020, but the video has re-surfaced on her TikTok account after posting a video explaining more about the injury.

Check out her explanation of how the injury occured that day below: