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23 year old bloke cuts off penis after smoking weed

Another day, another grim story.
2 February 2022 7:37AM

Another day, another grim story. 

ROK D story 1920x1080
ROK D story 1920x1080
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A 23 year-old bloke from Thailand chopped off his own D after smoking weed, a new medical case study reveals.

The guy had used cannabis for two years before quitting the habit, but then three months later, he fancied a puff. 

He had a couple cones, and two hours into his blaze, he started getting an erection without any sexual stimulation. The reports show the bloke said he felt a constant, sharp pain in his D, and he reckoned his glans looked distorted.

Taking matters into his own hands, the man trimmed the skin on his wee fella in an attempt to stop the pain, but ended up just amputating his whole penis.

A couple hours later after the bleeding had stopped, the bloke went to hospital, where doctors removed the dead skin but it was too damaged to completely fix.

The remaining stump was 2cm in length.

The report says "After admission and cannabis discontinuation, his delusion and hallucination subsided".

That must've been some strong cheese...