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Dave Grohl does shots and eats the hottest wing on 'Hot Ones' without flinching

What can't this bloke do? Ledge.

One of the most requested 'Hot Ones' guests ever, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl made his debut on the popular YouTube series, and whilst getting progressively more loose during the chat - absolutely crushed the final hot wing like it was nothing.

If you're unfamiliar with 'Hot Ones', the premise is simple (yet effective) - guests appear on the show to talk about everything and anything, whilst eating chicken wings covered in the some of the spiciest and hottest sauce on the planet. 

Dave Grohl started off the interview by making host Sean Evans a cup of Pantera's favourite shot - the Blacktooth Grin - which they continued to drink throughout the 30 minute interview.

It's a bloody interesting watch. Grohl talks about Foo Fighters' new movie, Studio 666, as well as many other things - including what his favourite rub is, and what he prefers when it comes to barbequing.

I like a real good mix of just salt and pepper, no matter what I bring out whether it's pork or beef.  You can get fancy with sugars. You can get fancy with cumin and things like that, but I'm really simple when it comes to that stuff because it really comes down to the time, the temperature and the smoke.

Evans and Grohl also talk about drumming, the most intense injuries he's suffered while performing (take a guess what #1 would be), how production can change the final sound of an album, covering other people's songs and his fascination with UFOs (which explains the band's name).

Dave Grohl also revealed how big of a fan of 'Hot Ones' he is, telling host Sean Evans: 

For years I've watched this fucking show and I finally walked onto this set and saw those sauces and saw your face and was like, 'Yes! Bucket list! Bam!' The only thing I have left in my life to do is jam with AC/DC.

But to save the best moment for last - as Grohl approached the final and hottest wing of death, the Foo Fighter frontman revealed that he has a jar of that hot sauce at home that he eats regularly.

Sometimes I come home from rehearsal, drink a couple of beers, and eat a teaspoon of this shit.

And then proceeds to not even flinch when he eats the damn thing, saying "Hot Ones....I got your ass". Absolute legend.

Watch the full interview above.


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