Jackass members reveal the stunts they would categorically never do again

Yep, fair enough boys.
1 February 2022 1:17PM

The Jackass crew, who have been doing crazy stunts for over 20 years now, have recently revealed the stunts they would never do again.

Speaking to LadBible, the original Jackass lads went through the milestones in their career that they would be happy not to live through again.

Steve-O explained his would be the Fire Angel stunt, which happened in 2017, when he made snow angels with burning jet fuel, which unsurprisingly landed him in hopsital.

Co-star Johnny Knoxville said, "Oh God, that was terrible," with Steve-O adding, "I don't ever care to have skin graft surgery for third degree burns again."

47-year-old Pontius' worst stunt was back in 2004, while filming WildBoyz with Steve-O. He told LadBible:

"It's called the Glove of Ants, which is this rite of passage this tribe in the Amazon does, when boys come of age.

"They have to put on this glove that's full of this bullet ants that it's the worst sting of any insect in nature. And they compare it to getting hit by a bullet and you get stung hundreds of times, and it's horrendous pain for 24 hours straight. And there's nothing you can do about it."

Pontius said "It was the worst experience of my life." Yep, that would be up there.

Lacy on the other hand, his worst experience was when a pig ate an apple out of his rear.

He said, "I didn't think people would keep talking about me having weird thing with a pig but they do... they keep talking."

As for their latest upcoming film Jackass Forever, Knoxville wasn't too fond of getting a brain haemorrhage. Fair enough.

Lastly, McGhehey revealed "There's some things I regret doing in this film that involve my genitalia."

Adding, "You'll just have to watch to see."