Man tries to suck his own D, left with chronic back pain
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Man tries to suck his own D, left with chronic back pain

"I've been having chronic back pain because of trying to perform auto-fellatio."

From slipping a D, to slipping a disk...

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A bloke has seriously injured his back after attempting to suck his own D.

The anonymous man posted the story to reddit, with a TLDR version that simply says:

Now to get to the details..

The bloke begins the post with the disclaimer that this isn't the first time he's tried to suck his piece and he's "proud to say" that unlike most guys, he's done it many times successfully. He even dropped 10kgs just so he could do it.

He goes on to explain:

"I was doing my thing untill suddenly I heard a really bad crack in my back. At the moment I heard the crack I had an immense pain in all parts of my back. Couldn't stand up, couldn't even move an inch of my body.

"I literally felt paralyzed. I was just lying on my bed with that pain for like 20 minutes untill I felt like I could move."

The man then took some pain medication but after half an hour the pain was still there, and he said he's had chronic back pain ever since.

He ended the post by saying,

"Moral of the story: Watch out for and protect your body even if you think nothing is going to happen..."

... Mate, I think the moral of the story is don't try to suck your own wee fella.

Happy Valentines Day everybody x