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WATCH: Zoi Sadowski-Synnott's proud dad swears on live TV following her gold medal

"After my couple of F-bombs on live TV and two big whiskeys, I slept pretty well."
8 February 2022 9:25AM

Snowboarder Zoi Sadowski-Synnott became a national hero over the weekend, making history by winning gold at the Winter Olympics. Her dad also became one, by having the most kiwi-dad-reaction ever on live TV.

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V2 Olympic Drunk Dad
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Zoi won the Women's Slopestyle Event in Beijing on Sunday, making her the first ever kiwi to win gold at the Winter Olympics.

After her big win, Zoi's dad Sean Synnott spoke to Newshub in a priceless live cross. He was clearly stoked for his daughter, and managed to drop two f-bombs.

"The only thing I looked for was her younger sister's reaction.. She was [going] f***ing crazy she was going off the roof," he said.

"I'm pretty f***ing excited to be honest and I'm really happy to see all the investment from all of these people has turned out," he added.

Moments later in the interview, Sean was asked about how hard his daughter has worked for this win, to which he had the funniest off-the-cuff response.

"Well the toilet blocked up this morning, ah yesterday morning.."

Too good. Zoi and her dad are absolute legends.

The next day, Sean admitted "After my couple of F-bombs on live TV and two big whiskeys, I slept pretty well."

The video quickly went viral, with one commenter saying, "The visibly proud father scored highly in freestyle commentary striking a stunning blow for free speech not once, but twice on prime time TV. They are going to name a pub after him in Wanaka for sure. Legend!"

Check out the hilarious interview up top.