Bloke challenges Mike Tyson to a fight in a bar, pulls gun on him

The random guy interrupted a comedy set to challenge Tyson.

A man recently pulled a gun on Mike Tyson... and the former heavyweight champion didn't even flinch.

A video obtained by TMZ shows Tyson in a rooftop bar on Tuesday night, watching a small comedy gig in the front row of the audience with some mates.

A random man approaches Tyson mid-comedy-set, and although it isn't clear what he's saying in the video, eye witnesses reportedly told TMZ that the bloke was challenging him to a fight. 

The former heavyweight champion seemed pretty chill as this random guy is yelling at him, but then the host intervenes, which pissed the random guy off.

The man then pulled out a gun, and people in the crowd drop to the floor. But not Mike Tyson.

Thankfully, the bloke immediately regretted pulling out the gun and put it away. He approached Tyson again, and asked him not to call the cops.

Tyson let him talk again, and in a wholesome twist of events, hugs the bloke.

The man left shortly after and the cops were never called.

Have a watch of how it all unfolded up top.