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'Pint Police' are now inspecting pubs in Aussie to make sure they're pouring beers right

There's nothing worse than getting an under-poured-pint.
26 August 2022 7:13PM

There's nothing worse than getting an under-poured-pint. Now, Aussie are doing something about that.

Aussie pubs will now face a fine up to $220,000 if they're caught not pouring pints correctly. 

As reported by LadBible, the Aussie government have a National Measurement Institute department, where staff will order beers undercover at different pubs to make sure they're pouring the right amount. (Where do we sign up?)

Minister for Science and Technology Melissa Price said the program is designed to make sure pub-goers aren't getting ripped off. She said:

“For many businesses, it’s been a tough couple of years. Where businesses are re-establishing after long lockdowns or natural disasters, audits will give assurance that their instruments are still compliant.

“We are also ensuring our inspectors have up to date information on the range of government assistance that is available to businesses.” 

The measurement inspectors, or the 'Pint Police', started their sleuthing this week.

The last time the 'Pint Police' were in action in 2019, they found that 30% of licensed venues were mismeasuring their drinks.