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Lad "fuming" after buying tickets for Red Hot Chili Peppers cover band, Red NOT Chili Peppers

Aaron bought four tickets straight away, but then realised he f**ked up.
29 April 2022 7:11AM

A bloke in America was stoked after scoring himself cheap tickets to see his favourite band, not realising he'd purchased tickets for a cover band.

Aaron, who's a massive Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan, recently saw an ad on Facebook for what he thought was a small RHCP gig, Detroit Metro Times reports. 

The band have been promoting their latest album 'Unlimited Love' at smaller venues around the US lately, so Aaron didn't think it was that far fetched that they'd be selling cheap tickets for smaller venue performances.

Aaron said, “The way they were promoting the record that just came out, they were doing smaller venues out west, doing little record stores, free shows, things like that. I was like, oh my god, maybe I’m lucky.” 

Aaron bought four tickets straight away, and it wasn't until he got the confirmation email that he realised he'd f**ked up.

He bought tickets for Red NOT Chili Peppers, a RHCP covers band.

“It’s like the same spelling, just one letter,” says Aaron, who clearly didn't see the capitalised "NOT" in the Facebook ad title.

Aaron says he was "completely sober" when he bought the tickets.

Alright mate.