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Our nickname vid inspired a guy to trick his mate into getting this nickname tattooed

What an absolute stitch up!
22 April 2022 2:34PM

If you haven't already seen, we have a cracker of segment where we ask listeners to send in the best nicknames they have for their mates and there are some absolute beauties. 

ROK - The General nickname story
ROK - The General nickname story
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In one of our previous videos of the series, a listener told us one of their mates was nicknamed the general as they were like general anesthetic to a conversation and eventually got it tattoed not knowing what it really meant😂

Then, the other day, we received a text saying that yarn reminded a listener of their mate so they set out to stitch him up by giving him the nickname in the hopes he'd get a tattoo of it as well. 

Have a listen to his chat with Dunc and Westie Lee as he explains on a cricket weekend away they successfully gave their mate the nickname and he eventually got it tattooed on the side of his hand. 

We've got a picture and all for ya to check out!