Rog stole all the leftovers from his daughter's 21st 🤦‍♂️

No food gets left behind.
29 April 2022 12:27PM

Waste not, want not eh Rog.

Rog hates seeing food go to waste, and so do we, but surely there's a point where you're taking the p*ss.

After revisiting #BunGate, where Rog took home a massive helping of buns that showed up to work, Mel revealed that Rog recently took home a whole bunch of hotdogs from his daughter's 21st.

And not just a couple strays. Trays and trays of hotdogs. With the intention of eating them all himself.

To his credit he gave them a good crack, but then lost all credibility after revealing he was still chugging through them a whole five days later. Come on man.