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WATCH: Woman gets stuck upside down behind couch during bottomless brunch

Bottomless brunches will get ya..
22 April 2022 7:24AM

Bottomless brunches will get ya..

A woman from the UK got a little more light-headed than she was planning at a bottomless brunch on Easter Sunday.

40-year-old Lindsey Clark was celebrating her mate's birthday at a boozy-brunch, when she reached down the back of a couch to grab her friend's coat which had fallen down. 

She managed to accidentally wedge herself down the gap between the couch and the wall, with her legs sticking up into the air. 

Lindsey was stuck for about 10 minutes, surrounded by her friends just pissing themselves laughing and filming the whole ordeal. That's what mates are for right?

Two young blokes working at the restaurant saved the day, by yanking her legs up so she could get herself back onto the couch, with a big ol' smile on her face.

As reported by Metro, Lindsey says she "probably would have been okay if I was a bit skinnier but I got stuck.

"I have bruises on my boobs and belly where I was stuck and scratches on my legs as the back of the sofa was made with wood.

"It was mortifying but it didn’t ruin my night, everyone knows that’s what I’m like anyway."

Check out the viral video below.