1,000 rockers pay tribute to Taylor Hawkins by performing 'My Hero' live in unison

An awesome tribute for an awesome musician
27 May 2022 10:13AM

Two months after his untimely death, 1,000 rockers paid tribute to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins by performing the band’s hit 'My Hero' all together.

The goosebump-inducing tribute comes as part of a concert performed by the Rockin’ 1000 - a band consisting of 1000 musicians from all across the globe.

The YouTube caption of the performance reads “One thousand musicians dedicating this song to one drummer: Taylor Hawkins”.

There are plenty of personal tributes to Hawkins amongst the 1000 musicians, with many branding his face on their drums, guitars, and clothing.

The tribute is made more powerful considering that the Rockin’ 1000 was originally formed back in 2015 in Italy as a way to convince the Foo Fighters to come and perform at Cesena, a city over there.

They performed another classic Foo Fighters song, 'Learn to Fly'.

The FooFighters did end up performing in the city, which goes to show how awesome the band was and is when it comes to their fans. 

The group's performance of 'My Hero' is definitely a fitting tribute for a fucking legend.