Bloke catches two massive, rare, prehistoric sawfish in one fishing trip

Bloke catches two massive, rare, prehistoric sawfish in one fishing trip

These monsters were almost 4-metres long and weighed more than 350kg.

An American fella had the catch of his life while on a fishing trip in South Florida, catching not one, but TWO, 13ft long, 800-pound sawfish that resemble dinosaurs and are extremely rare. 

This sounds like a crazy yarn you’d spin when you've come back with an empty chilly bin after a day on the water - but it’s true, and there’s the video to back it up. 

The story goes that after having not much luck, Michael Treworgy was about to call it a day until one of his lines had a massive hit.

Due to the raw power at the other end of the line, he knew straight away that it wasn't just some scrawny shark or fish.

After an epic 45-minute battle with the sea creature, Treworgy got his first glimpse of the behemoth and knew he was about to have a once-in-a-lifetime catch. 

"Holy shit it's gonna cut your ankle off", Trewgory's dad said as the sawfish breached the surface.

Holy shit indeed. 

However, just mere minutes after bringing aboard the first dinosaur, another of the lines had an almighty yank.

Another 45-minute battle occurred, and Michael had managed to catch another colossal sawfish. 

Both fish were released back into the water. 

Scientists estimate that there are only 500 - 5000 of these sawfish swimming around in the Florida waters. 

Just to see how big they can really get, here’s a video of another of the same breed of sawfish that got caught a few years ago.

If you think that’s out the gate, you should have seen the two snapper I caught on the Whangamata wharf a few years ago. They were even bigger, more aggressive, and all I had was my grandad’s old handline. 

Unfortunately, there was no one else at the wharf that day to film it, so you’re just gonna have to take my word for it.