Kid gets on stage with Limp Bizkit and knows every word to 'Break Stuff'

This little ankle-biter is a legend in the making.
27 May 2022 2:12PM

Limp Bizkit is well known for having some pretty bat-shit crazy live performances, and their most recent one involves a little kid going ham, singing and screaming every single word to ‘Break Stuff’.

It seems to be the end of the show when the kid, who’s sitting on a little recliner pops up, and Fred Durst tells the crowd “I promised this young man a little favour” before passing him a mic. 

The crowd then goes wild when guitarist Wes Borland plays the first chord of the song on his guitar, and the little monster gets right into it, screaming into the mic, “It’s just one of those days/ Where you don't want to wake up/ Everything is fucked/ Everybody sucks!”

Where are his parents? Who gives a shit! The young fella is obviously destined for greatness, rocking out to the whole song without missing a line or a beat.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Limp Bizkit let another kid on stage to introduce and jam out to ‘My Generation’.

Durst and his band seem to be big fans of onstage antics, illustrated especially by their infamous 1998 Ozzfest performance where they would arise out of a 30ft tall toilet.