Man arrested for checking sick wife out of nursing home to throw her a 'death party'

Her final hours including sex, drugs and listening to metal.
4 May 2022 9:54AM

An old yarn from 2019 about a man who checked his sick wife out of a nursing home to throw her a 'death party' has gone viral again - and for good reason. 

The resurfaced tweet from KRIS 6 News in the states read: "Police have arrested a Minnesota man who checked his sick wife out of a nursing home to throw her a 'death party'. Her final hours included meth, listening to metal and having sex, authorities said." 

Streuth… guess that's one way to go out? 

A report at the time said the guy, named Duane Johnson, was arrested naked at the couple's home, where police found the words "Death Parde God Hell" spray-painted on the door. There were also several guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo on the property. 

Apparently, Duane was arrested for criminal neglect and was sentenced to three years behind bars for not getting medical help for his wife, and y'know, all that meth use probably didn't help his cause. 

Old mate insisted that his wife didn't want to die in a nursing home, chose to stop taking her meds and didn't let him call an ambo. The pair reportedly spent their final hours doing the deed and listening to 'Metal Health' by their favourite band, Quiet Riot. 

Twitter users have been losing their sh*t over the cooked story, re-sharing the original tweet with their own thoughts about Duane's actions, with some dubbing him a "hero". 

"Big fan of this guy," one tweet read. 

"Sounds like a brilliant final night. Metal and sex? What could be better? Swap the meth for some weed though," said another. 

"I will select the classic rock, mushrooms, Korean foot massage package.  Tell my old man, please," a third said. 

One practicing nurse chimed in saying she'd once advocated for a dying patient who wanted to "go home, smoke, have sex and eat candy" and that she'd "never regretted standing up to the system. 

Bloody hell. We can only imagine what the funeral was like…