Passengers on a plane were airdropped some f*king scary photos and the pilot refused to fly

Too far guys ... too far

We are all for a quality prank here at The Rock, but this aeroplane antic is definitely overdoing it. 

A flight leaving Israel on the way to Turkey was set to take off when passengers and crew received an airdrop request on their phones. 

Quick word of advice, never open an airdrop if you don't know who its from, there's some weird shit out there. Anyway, the airdropped photos turned out to be images from fatal plane crashes. What the f*ck, man.

A crew member was alerted, and the pilot made the decision to stop take off, which is bloody fair enough.

Soon, police surrounded the plane, passengers were told to leave, and their luggage was removed. 

After receiving the images, one woman reportedly fainted and another had a panic attack. 

If I was in this scenario I'd like to think I'd go full Liam Neeson in 'Non-Stop' mode and get to the bottom of it. In reality, I'd probably end up shitting myself. 

Every passenger was interviewed by police and their luggage was rummaged through. Eventually they arrested nine 'prankster' passengers, who could face legit jail time, and the plane took off after a few hours delay. 

Authorities still don't know why the dickheads did it, but it doesn't really matter now, does it?