Study shows how often men change their sheets and it doesn't look good

Study shows how often men change their sheets and it doesn't look good

There are some filthy f*ckers among us.

The results of a new survey are putting a spotlight on the hygiene habits of the bachelors among us and mate, it's not looking good.  

According to the BBC, a study of UK adults showed that nearly half of the single men who responded said they don't wash their sheets for up to four months at a time. Yep, 45% were once a month washers, AKA filthy f*ckers.  

About 12% of lads said they only chuck their bedding in the machine "when they remember", so that could mean even longer between laundry seshes. 

On the other end of the scale, 62% of the single women that responded said they washed their sheets every two weeks. Fellas that were coupled up were a bit less manky, with 35% of couples freshening up their bedding on a three-week cycle. 

Experts say you should change your sheets once a week - bit much, we reckon - but every two weeks at most. 

Clean white bedding in a room, on an unmade bed. Conceptual with space for copy. Preparing hotel room for guests, changing duvet covers.

A lot of the grubbiest participants said they would either forget to do their washing or thought that their sheets didn't need to be cleaned that often. 

Doesn't take a hell of a lot of thinking about how much sweat, dead skin and...other stuff might be soaking into those sheets to realise four months is going to be a bit of a bloody stretch. 

Time to break out the Persil for some of you crusty creatures.