These 1930s public safety warnings about electric shocks are out the gate
Funny Shit
Funny Shit

These 1930s public safety warnings about electric shocks are out the gate

What's old mate up to on that bridge?

In the 1930s electricity was still relatively new to the general public.

When you think about it, it'd be a helluva scary thing if you didn't know anything about it: An invisible force that can power anything and even shock you, possibly to death, if you’re not careful.

Well, that'd be why public safety campaigns exist, to warn the public about the possible dangers of new technologies.

However, some of the scenarios illustrated in these posters from the 1930s are deeply weird, and really fucking funny. 

Such as this first guy, who’s casually taking a piss off a bridge, as you do. A tale as old as time when it comes to stumbling home from the pub with a bladder full of beer.

Twitter users found some of the details in the sign pretty interesting, such as the prime example of "reverse grip" being demonstrated here. 

There were plenty more of these signs that circulated on Twitter, each potentially more eyebrow-raising to than the last. 

Another wild illustration is this one, showing a baby about to get shocked because they’re messing around with some kind of tool coming out of a socket.

There are so many questions. Why does a small child like that need a bedside table?

There are only a certain amount of things you need a bedside table for, and a lot of them a baby should not even know about.

This one just seems like an unlucky situation. How is that poor woman supposed to know that the electric wire underneath her house has broken?

This sign could have just scared people off the concept of bathing. What with people pissing off bridges all the time, this definitely wouldn't have helped with the smell of the general population. 

No words can really explain what the fuck is going on in this one, so we're not even going to try.

There are a bunch more that are just as crack up and just as confusing.

Safety first, mates, and probably just piss at the pub before you head home, eh?