WATCH: Bloke jumps in window of moving car to stop crash

Geez this is a bloody effort and a half.
2 May 2022 2:43PM

How's the gonads on the geezer.

CCTV footage captured the batshit crazy moment a fella chased and jumped through the window of a rolling car to stop a potential crash.

The video, which took place in the middle of last year, starts off innocent enough in a quiet street with a few people cruising round. Two men then quickly pop into picture along with a car with no one at the wheel. The vehicle is heading downhill towards an intersection with no means of stopping.

Thinking quickly, one of the men jumps through the open window and pulls the handbrake just in time for the car to roll to a stop, avoiding the potential disaster.

Check it out below.

The video was shared to the r/BeAmazed sub- Reddit and quickly gained traction, with users lauding the man as 'bad-ass'.

Surely the sheer weight of old mate's massive balls helped to slow things down. What a guy.