Developer remakes 'The Simpsons: Hit and Run' into an epic open world game

A fan has remade the 2003 cult-classic.

If you used to play 'The Simpsons: Hit and Run' on PS2, then this is gonna be a bitta you.

A fan has remade the 2003 cult-classic 'The Simpsons: Hit and Run' as an open world game, and it looks insane.

Over 1 million people have watched the YouTube video that creator Reuben "Reubs" Ward uploaded, showing him developing the re-make of the game.

As well as making the game open-world, Ward is set to create even more additions to the game in the future, such as better game vehicles, a multi-player option, revamped graphics and a quest system.

Have a look at the video below.

Unfortiunately, it doesn't look like Ward's revamped 2022 version of the game will be released any time soon, as Ward disclaims it's for entertainment purposes only.

But we reckon this remake could eventually become reality. 

Last year, Ward uploaded a video showing an earlier remake of the game, which attracted the attention of the original game's lead designer.

"Amazing what you accomplished!" Hit & Run lead designer Joe McGinn said.

"Really gives a taste of what a full modern remaster could be. Impressive work!"

If you wanna see what new additions Ward develops onto this new game, follow his YouTube channel for a bit of nostalgia.