'Everybody back up': Slipknot stop show mid-gig to get fan medical help

'Everybody back up': Slipknot stop show mid-gig to get fan medical help

The mosh pit can be a brutal place.

Slipknot halted their performance in Cincinnati, Ohio the other night to direct medical staff to a fan in need in the mosh pit.

The heavy metal band were halfway through their song ‘Unsainted’ when guitarist Jim Root tapped vocalist Corey Taylor on the shoulder and pointed him in the direction of someone in the crowd.

Fan footage of the incident shows that the crowd cooperated with Taylor, and were pretty hyped when medical staff reached the fan and got them out safely.  

Corey told his bandmates to stop and requested EMTs to get to the crowd member.

“Hold on. Hold on guys, hold on,” he said to the band, who immediately stopped.

“Guys we got something going on right there. Can we get EMTs in there? Everybody back up, give some room.

"Give some room, make sure they can get in.”

And people think Slipknot are scary? Come onnnn...

AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 30:  BIG DAY OUT  Photo of SLIPKNOT, posed at festival  (Photo by Martin Philbey/Redferns)

In April, a similar incident occurred at the band’s concert in Winnipeg. A fan was spotted on the ground in the mosh pit and Taylor halted the band to ensure medical staff got to the fan. 

Taylor has spoken out about the importance of fan safety in mosh pits before.

When performing at the 2021 Rockville festival, a couple of days after the Astroworld tragedy, the Iowa borned vocalist told the crowd to stay alert when rocking out in the mosh pit and to help fellow fans out.

“But I also want you to remember this," he told the audience. "No matter what show you go to, if you’ve got eyes, you keep them open, you keep them focused and you look out for another.”