Jackass's Steve-O wants to get a boob job and a plastic surgeon reckons he can

Jackass's Steve-O wants to get a boob job and a plastic surgeon reckons he can

Of course it's Steve-O.

Steve-O of Jackass fame recently had a plastic surgeon on his podcast, ’Steve-O’s Wild Ride’, and revealed he wants to get a boob job to shock his fans.

He told his podcast guest, Dr Terry Dubrow, from the reality TV show ‘Botched’, that he had been doing crazy stunts for so long that he’s struggling to find new ways to push the limit.

He reckons that slapping a pair of boobs on him would do the job.

You’re not wrong, mate. 

“For my next tour, I’ve decided that it’s called the ‘Steve-O’s Gone Too Far’ tour,” he told Dubrow.

Dubrow let the ‘Jackass’ star know that it could be done, but he’d have to not be a total fucking idiot about it.

“If you’re gonna do it, put ‘em in and then take them out relatively shortly thereafter," the plastic surgeon said. “Last thing you want to do is have to have them removed and a bunch of scars  put on your chest.”

“I wanna keep them in for six months, maybe three,”  said Steve-O, letting the doctor know that he “want[s] to go as big as possible.”

“You could probably do D or double-D, and you keep it in for six months, that’s getting maybe past the point where your skin will retract," the ‘Botched’ host replied.

"So you might wanna do a C cup and then get them out after three or six months.” 

Steve-O, as bat shit crazy as he is, did have some reservations about the idea, especially when it came to having scars from the surgery. 

The boobs are just the beginning of the gag. Steve-O has hatched a plan that also involves a car, and a wall.

“The boobs to me are so funny… For example, I recently bought a smart car for the sole purpose of crashing it into a brick wall to make sure the airbags work, it’s called the airbag test,” Steve-O explained to Dubrow.

Somewhat surprisingly, Dubrow was on board with Steve-O relying on brand new boobs to get in between him and a wall at high speed.

“They won’t get injured,” Dubrow replied. “Breast implants are incredibly tough,” he then explains that he’s dropped implants downstairs and drove over them with a Ferrari and they’ve been fine.

Let's be honest, Steve-O being Steve-O, he probably going to do it, so don’t be surprised if you see him online in a couple of months with a loaded bra.