KISS screwed up and showed the Aussie flag at an Austrian show

KISS screwed up and showed the Aussie flag at an Austrian show

At least one geezer has a conspiracy going that it wasn't an accident...

KISS fucked up at their concert in Vienna, showing their adoring Austrian fans an Australian flag.

We get it, the two countries do sound pretty similar, but if you ask us you should never give Aussies any recognition whatsoever.

Only kidding (kind of).

The iconic rock band had just wrapped up their gig by playing ‘Rock and Roll All Nite’ when a graphic saying ‘KISS LOVES YOU VIENNA’ popped up behind them.

Only the word ‘KISS’ was filled with our mates across the Tasman’s flag.

Interestingly, it has come to our knowledge that the bloke who does lights for Gene Simmons and co, Sean ‘Motley’ Hackket, is in fact, an Aussie.

We’d like to think it was an honest mistake, but if there’s anyone with the motive and koala-fications to put their country above another, it’d be the Aussie in charge of the lights.

One Twitter user thinks the flag swap might even be one of the coldest servings of revenge ever plated up.

Claiming that it could be payback for an incident at the 1896 Olympics when, apparently, the Austrian flag was raised for an Australian winner.

We’re unable to confirm if this Olympic error happened, but we’ll ask Rog, we’re pretty sure he was there in person.