Massive new statue of Lemmy Kilmister at Hellfest will have his ashes enshrined in it

The statue is absolutely huge
22 June 2022 10:47AM

Motörhead's iconic Lemmy Kilmister is being honoured at French metal festival Hellfest this week with a huge statue of him.

When we say 'huge', we mean fucking huge, look at the thing.

God damn, that thing is metal. 

Motörhead and Lemmy were mainstays at Hellfest, having played at the inaugural edition of the French festival and pretty much all of them up until Lemmy’s passing in 2015.

Mikkey Dee and Phil Campbell, Lemmy’s former band mates, are set to talk and raise a toast at the unveiling of the statue, which will take place tomorrow after a performance by Dee’s new band, ‘Scorpion’.

The mutton-chop donning metal star will also have a portion of his ashes enshrined in the behemoth of a statue.

The big hunk of metal replaces an old statue of the English musician, which was turning to shit as the plaster was falling off it. 

The sculptor of the new statue, Caroline Brisset, said that it was a no-brainer to take the job when the festival asked her to make it.

“I said yes because it was a great project,” she told Ouest-France. “And it was also quite a challenge to make such a big statue in such a short time.”

Well Caroline, you did a bang-up job.

A massively impressive metal statue for a massively impressive metal musician.