Metallica play ‘Metal Militia’ live for the first time in six years

The legendary metal band has been treating their older fans all year.

The legendary metal band Metallica have played ‘Metal Militia’ live for the first time since 2016.

The iconic band played the song from their classic debut album ‘Kill ‘Em All’ at the Pinkpop festival in the Netherlands last weekend.

Most fans seem to be pretty stoked about the titans of the genre going back to their classics, although some are saying the vocals don't quiiite hit the same as they used to.

"He shouldn’t try to hit them high notes lol," said one fan. 

"Why can't Kirk ever bend IN KEY! LOL!" another added. 

Metallica has been treating their fans lately.

Earlier in the year, they released two separate concert films of their 40th anniversary gig that was held at San Francisco's Chase Centre in December last year.

At that concert, they performed a bunch of their most legendary songs across all their albums. Check out the trailer below. 

Not only have they been showing love back to old fans, but they also introduced their newest fan at a live show.

Last month, a fan give birth at a Metallica show, just as they started playing ‘Enter Sandman’, which is a hell of a way to enter the world.

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